Friday, January 2, 2009

IUI Complete

Ok - we had our first IUI on Wednesday. That was interesting...

It was 7 in the morning - and the 'no nonsense' nurse takes me to the collection room. She shows me what to do with the sample and leaves. As soon as the door shuts I got this strange feeling that there was porn all around me. The room was very plain except for this odd metal cabinet with several drawers.

I've heard of this type of 'encouragement' but didn't really believe it. I couldn't quite get my head around the fact that these nurses probably had the task of stocking this thing. It just didn't seem like something that would happen.

I pulled the top drawer open and about fell over - I know this probably isn't news to anyone else out there but I was shocked. There was everything from regular mainstream magazines to sex stories printed out on an ink jet printer.

So I make the deposit - and go and sit with my wife. There is another couple in the waiting room as well. A couple minutes after I sat back down the guy had his name called. He hops up and pulls a portable DVD player out of his bag in the most obvious manner I could imagine. Kisses his partner and goes in.

90 seconds later he reappears; DVD player in hand and never missed a beat.

I don't mean to make this sound juvenile - my wife and I were in awe at how nonchalant about it he was. It was pretty funny. I think it helped my wife to get her mind off of things...

Anyway, fingers are crossed. I hope this works!


  1. I don't know what is funnier....the self brought DVD player, or that it only took 90 seconds! My hubby was always intimidated by that room that it seemed to take FOREVER.

    Good luck, I hope this works!

  2. Sounds like that guy has been through that a few times before, but it sure is a funny story. I wish you and your wife the best of luck for a successful IUI! I'm sending lots of baby dust your way....

    I left a comment to another one your entries. I hope you got it. I've added you to my blogroll so I can follow your journey.

  3. Im glad you posted this. My partner at present cant think of anything worse then having to do this & in a room like you described. As for the other man, maybe its not his first time & his wife made a move of herself to make it easier ... you never know lol. Good luck to you both.

  4. I came across your blog somehow (from blog to blog to blog!). We went through 5 IUIs before we got our Triplets. Clomid did NOTHING, but the injections worked, a little too well! :-)

    I had to see the "room" for myself and was completely shocked at it! It was white with a metal cabinet, a recliner and a closet with lockers (I am guessing this is where personal affects are held during IVF or something?).

  5. Ink jet printer -- that is too funny.

    Best of luck with the IUI!